ABIT und Kingston zeigen 4.0GHz System auf der CeBIT

Jan-Frederik Timm
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Schon letztes Jahr gab es auf der CeBIT2002 hier und da übertaktete Systeme zu sehen, mit denen der ein oder andere Hersteller Besucher auf seinen Stand locken wollte. ABIT und Kingston wollen dieses Jahr Diejenigen sein, die auf der Liste an erster Stelle stehen - Intel wird es freuen.

ABIT® Computer Corporation, Kingston® Technology and

asetek® Incorporated have teamed up at this year's CeBIT to present the fastest overall performance PC

in the world. The system based on VapoChill® CPU cooling, WaterChill(tm) graphics and motherboard chipset

cooling, ABIT BH7 motherboard, ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti4200-8X OTES graphics card, Kingston HyperX®

PC3500 434MHz DDR RAM and Intel P4 HT CPU is displayed at the ABIT booth (B29) - Hall 23.

"The jointly configured system forms the ultimate platform for high performance PC systems", states André

Sloth Eriksen, CEO at asetek. "The CPU runs with a magnificent speed at 4GHz, the Front Side Bus (FSB)

close to 700 MHz and memory speed of 400 MHz. All the hardware will be cooled down actively and the

CPU will be taken to sub-zero temperatures by the powerful cooling unit of the VapoChill system. Furthermore,

the graphics card processor and the motherboard chipset will be cooled by asetek's new watercooling

product line; WaterChill(tm)".