Update von Winamp 5

Volker Rißka
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Winamp 5, zweifellos eines der meistgenutzten Multimedia-Tools, hat ein weiteres Update erfahren. In der neuen Version 5.02 wurden rund 30 kleinere Probleme behoben, einige Funktionen optimiert und auch das eine oder andere verbessert.

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Das Changelog sieht wie folgt aus:

  • Added a couple of gen_ml APIs
  • Fixed gen_ml radio/tv cache clearing after viewing prefs bug
  • Made gen_ml radio/tv keep old data when updating fails, made it not update when no Internet is available
  • Made gen_ml support some new quicksearch syntaxes: " beck radiohead" will list all things matching beck OR radiohead, and: radiohead "{lastplay } [3 days ago]>" will show all things matching radiohead played in the last 3 days
  • gen_ml option for any/all guess modes
  • Made SPS support 24 bit samples
  • Added priority setting for CD ripping
  • Made CD ripping only support one rip at at time
  • Added send to -> add to library for playlist (and other) send to menus
  • Better media library audio view support for no artist/no album
  • Fixed enter after info box and popup menus in library
  • Moved litestep options to be in classic skin prefs
  • Fixed playlist editor classic redraw bug, made playlist handle mousewheel scrolling while moving items better
  • Made "EXE" filetype extension non registerable
  • Cleaned up "disable screensaver when video is playing" option
  • Latest SDKs available
  • Upgraded to Gracenote CDDB v2 DLLs
  • Improvements in gen_hotkeys
  • Upgraded MP3 encoding to LAME v3.95.1
  • out_ds now uses winamp.ini instead of registry for settings
  • New fix for upside down videos in in_dshow
  • Added OGM as supported extension in in_dshow
  • Modern skins updates
  • New extended jump file dialog
  • Added basic MP4 AAC encoding/decoding
  • Fixed unicode metadata in in_vorbis
  • Fixed crash in installer code
  • Removed generation of "badframes.stt" files in VP6 decoder

Alle drei Varianten, Lite, Normal und die 14,95 US-Dollar teure Pro-Version findet ihr wie immer im Download-Archiv.


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