News : Stille: Gainward präsentiert Silent FX

Der Trend ist unverkennbar: Nachdem manch Grafikkartenhersteller in den letzten Monaten eher durch laute und ineffektive Kühllösungen auffiel, verlangt der Markt mittlerweile nach etwas anderem. Passive Kühlung ist Trumpf und so präsentiert auch Gainward mit der Silent FX eine solche Grafikkarte.

Im Herz der Gainward SilentFX PowerPack! Ultra/980 XP schlägt dabei ein GeForce FX 5700-Chip aus dem Hause nVidia, der mit 425 MHz taktet. Zusätzlich verbaute der Hersteller 256 MB Texturspeicher, der mit einer effektiven Frequenz von 550 MHz glänzen kann. Wie bei Gainward üblich, bietet auch dieses gute Stück zwei DVI-Ausgänge, über die sich wohl vor allem Besitzer zweier TFT-Monitore besonders freuen werden. Alle weiteren Details können der angeschlossenen Pressemitteilung entnommen werden.

Gainward Silent FX
Gainward Silent FX

Gainward SilentFX PowerPack! Ultra/980 XP “Professional“
nVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 GPU, 256 MB DDR memory, dual DVI (with VGA converter) and video-in, video-out with Gainward SilentFX dual-heatpipe cooling

Gainward Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of high performance 3D graphics processor boards and Hollywood@HomeTM entertainment devices, announces that it will be first to market with a professional, completely noiseless, dual-heatpipe-cooled SilentFXTM 3D processor board with dual DVI connection.

The Gainward SilentFX PowerPack!TM Ultra/980 XP “Professional“ integrates a carefully qualified NVIDIA“s GeForce FX 5700 GPU, 256 MB of selected 3.6ns DDR, and features video-in/video-out (VIVO) plus two DVI connectors. With two DVI/VGA converters included in the package the Gainward SilentFX PowerPack! Ultra/980 XP “Professional“ is compatible with any combination of two digital - or analogue flat panels, CRTs or TV displays.

Cooled by Gainward SilentFX, two large sized, pure aluminum heat sinks, one each for the front side and the backside of the board, inter-connected with two 5mm heat pipes, the Gainward SilentFX PowerPack! Ultra/980 XP “Professional“ operates completely noiseless without any performance degradation. Based on Gainward“s proprietary High-Performance/Wide-Bandwidth hardware design the GPU is running at 425 MHz while the DDR memory is clocked at 550 MHz.

Due to the weight and dimension of the Gainward SilentFX heat sink/heat pipe construction the Gainward SilentFX PowerPack!TUltra/980 XP “Professional“ requires an AGP slot plus the space of an adjacent PCI slot. The Gainward SilentFX PowerPack! Ultra/980 XP “Professional“ is immediately available at an estimated street price of € 199. Gainward also offers the Gainward FX PowerPack!TUltra/980 XP “Professional“, a single slot solution cooled with a traditional fan at an estimated street price of € 179.

With nView Display Technology the Gainward SilentFX PowerPack! Ultra/980 XP “Professional“ supports two displays simultaneously with two independent 400 MHz RAMDACs for office applications, 3D gaming and professional applications such as CAD, DTP, animation, or video editing. The maximum supported resolution for both displays is 2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz. Depending on the resolution the maximum refresh rate is up to 240 Hz.

With two DVI/VGA output connectors plus TV-out the Gainward SilentFX PowerPack! Ultra/980 XP “Professional“ allows the end-users to select any combination of multiple displays, including digital flat panels, two analog CRTs, and a TV, and to modify the display properties independently, using an intuitive software interface.

EXPERToolTM is Gainward“s performance tuning utility that allows the user to easily adjust the engine clock and the memory clock of any Gainward product from NVIDIA“s recommended default settings to even faster settings.