Release Emule Plus 1j


Dabei seit
Sep. 2002

Heute ist der neue EmulePlus 1j rausgekommen. Hat ihn jemand schon ausprobiert?
Beim 1i hatte ich im gegensatz zu 1h nicht mehr die Möglichkeit Quellen die nicht benötigt werden zu löschen. Ist die Funktion wieder integriert?


Cadet 1st Year
Dabei seit
Jan. 2004
falsch, ist schon vorgestern released worden, hier der changelog:

FEATURE: added some more actions customizable by shortcut management for Download window [DonGato]
FEATURE: added downloading file rename and cleanup box customizable by shortcut management [netwolf]
FEATURE: expand/collapse sources by pressing +/- key [netwolf]
FEATURE: added a debug message for files before they start to be hashed [DonGato]
FEATURE: added keyboard DEL and INS actions to Friends list for easy operation [DonGato]
FEATURE: auto priority is now available for completed files using complete sources values [DonGato]
FEATURE: display own userhash in log at startup [SyruS]
FEATURE: added unique setting on Queue and Known lists to set the autoupdate option (high CPU usage) [DonGato]
FEATURE: Rich Edit Log, Serverinfo & Debug log (added color to the logs) [katsyonak]
FEATURE: added Keep-Alive option for server connections (from official) [DonGato]
FEATURE: Rich Edit IRC/Messages (added copy text to clipboard & save logs as RTF) [katsyonak]
CHANGE: statusbar is now erased when log or debuglog are erased [KuSh]
CHANGE: some code optimizations [Aw3/KuSh]
CHANGE: MD4 calculation optimization [Aw3]
CHANGE: caseinsensitive handling of community-sharing [SyruS]
CHANGE: added ed2k-link to .txtsrc files so in case of .part.met corruption you know what to search for [netwolf]
CHANGE: added Queue Full (QF) to sources information in tooltips [netwolf]
CHANGE: update the way Limitless download is enabled in preferences [DonGato]
CHANGE: new complete/completing icons [Psy]
BUGFIX: fixed string format buffer overflow with status command line argument [KuSh]
BUGFIX: category column sorting bug fix [KuSh]
BUGFIX: prevent from connect to the same server every time [KuSh]
BUGFIX: localization fixes [KuSh]
BUGFIX: some problems with InfoListCtrl (File/Source details in Download Window) [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: files weren't added to shared files if all blocks recovered by ICH [BavarianSnail]
BUGFIX: wrong values in categories because completed files weren't counted [DonGato]
BUGFIX: having non existing directories in shareddir.dat inhibits setting drive letter bold [DonGato]
BUGFIX: close of chat by button now sets focus on the last tab (for multiple closing) [DonGato]
BUGFIX: data transfer after cancel request [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: memleak in UDP socket [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: fix to limit requests to block borders [BavarianSnail]
BUGFIX: fixed command line server link loading (server was removed) [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed cumulative statistics totals for uploads and downloads [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed document filtered search [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed unknown sources due to addition of already known clients [Eklmn/DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed precedence of category selection on WebServer and Search over Auto Cat feature [DonGato]
BUGFIX: removed FPU optimizations for non-MMX CPUs because of 100% corruption on downloads [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fix for statistics tree update delay not being obeyed [netwolf]
BUGFIX: fixed wrong server duration times (current and total) [netwolf]
BUGFIX: fixed the packet handling [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: added second sort to avoid jumping of non-eMule clients when sources are sorted by QR [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed change of sort by preferences in search list when a search is going on [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed sort for double columns in server list [morevit/DonGato]
BUGFIX: corrected tooltip font color [DropF]
BUGFIX: corrected SF Ratio on queue list [DonGato]
BUGFIX: corrected type switching in InfoList [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: fixed Search sorting by size [DonGato]
BUGFIX: force update of status categories when files are paused, stopped, resumed or completed [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed queue filtering reseting some values [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed cleanup on File Details when the whole file name is selected [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed A4AF icon showing without file status icons enabled [DonGato]
BUGFIX: integer size of transferred bytes in WebServer is too small for files over 2 Gb [BavarianSnail]
BUGFIX: WebServer: fixed some Javascript errors when using localizations [DonGato]