Solution for missing "Smart Sounds Quicktrack Plugin.msi" problem


Cadet 3rd Year
März 2004
Beim googeln habe ich in einigen Foren von Usern mit dem selben Problem gelesen, nirgends fand sich eine Lösung, ich wollte mich aber nicht überall registrieren für uralte Threads, deshalb hier meine Lösung:


During Installation or start of various programs the pc reports a missing "Smart Sounds Quicktrack Plugin.msi" - although those programs have nothing to do with that Plugin. Actually it is a part of the installation of e.g. "Ulead Video Studio".

In my case the solution was simple:
Installing the Update from "" did not help, but I had an entry "Smart Sounds Quicktrack Plugin" in the control panel - Software Section. After selecting the button Uninstall there for this entry, everything works fine again so far.

Good luck!