Noxon iRadio for Ipod clicking sound


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Mai 2009
First sorry for English, but this seems to only place where can I discus my noxon radio and my German is not up to anything written.
I must say that I like the radio quite a lot. What bothers me is clicking sound during any playback. It sound like a speaker problem. It has same sound level all the time and it seems that it has completely random occurrence.
My question is. Should I send it back to noxon or is there any knowledge of factors that may cause clicking?

Thanks for reply.
Well I did and still clicking. The sound is close to LP cracking. I tried to connect the radio to my HiFi thought line out. The click is not that loud but still persist. But as I understand from your answer it is a kind of "feature" I should live with or?
Well I will contact TerraTec support and discus the problem. I'll post the results.