Clevo P770dm/P771dm Barebone with gtx 970m ~1000-1250 Euro?


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Nov. 2015
Hallo guys,

I am new here. I am Riddhy916 I am a reputable member in notebookreview forums. Recently I have moved to Germany. I want buy a barebone for P770dm/p771dm with gtx 970m but without processor and ram and hdd/ssd. Can you guys please help me and tell me which dealers/reseller sell clevo barebones?? Can I get a p770dm/p771dm barebone with monthly installments financing? I am really sorry my German is not very good right now so I am posting in English. I apologize for it in advance.
Seems like your German is good enough to register a new account here and to find the right sub forum though :)

Anyway, there are a lot of shops here selling their notebooks based on Clevo barebones but I have never come across a dealer offering the barebones themselves. I guess they will be hard to get. You certainly can't just go somewhere and just buy one.
thank you bro :) I really need a p770dm on monthly payments and sell off my m18x r2
Welcome :)

According to this list, the P771dm is resold by Schenker as the XMG W706. They don't offer the barebones only, though.
If you look on the website you'll find this site, where you'll notice that mysn does offer financing through Targobank if you pass whatever checks they do.

It's pretty much for the One notebooks also listed - they don't offer them without CPU & GPU.
Though I suppose you could try writing/calling the shop and asking if they'll make you a special offer for a barebones only. I don't really see them doing it, but trying doesn't cost you anything.
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