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What's the difference between grml and $OTHER-DISTRIBUTION? What are your main goals?

The main goal of grml is to be a distribution well suited for users of texttools and sysadmins. grml includes many important texttools (of course awk, sed, grep,... but also zsh, mutt[ng], slrn, vim and many other stuff) and useful programs for admin's daily work too. grml uses the existing infrastructure of Debian. grml was once based on Knoppix (see 'What's the difference between grml and Knoppix?' for more details). We are merging useful things also from other distributions/live-cds to provide a perfect environment.

What's the difference between grml and Knoppix?

grml comes with a vastly different set of software. Missing KDE and OpenOffice provides the opportunity of shipping more than 800 packages which Knoppix does not provide on it's CD version. grml boots a 2.6.x kernel but no X for faster startup. Knoppix is based on Debian/testing-experimental (using apt-pinning), but grml is basically based on plain Debian/unstable providing more current versions of software and less painfull upgrades. grml was once based on Knoppix but has nowadays (except of a similar initial ramdisk) nothing in common with Knoppix anymore:

# locate knoppix
# find / -iname \*knoppix\*

We consider Knoppix as a brand name for live-cds nowadays and provide most of Knoppix features as well. grml uses (mostly) the same cheatcodes for booting as Knoppix and provides even some extra ones. So if you are used to the basic Knoppix features you might find them on the grml-system as well. Ripping out the Knoppix stuff provides the possibility to create a grml system out of a Debian system and vice versa. Running 'apt-get install grml' on a Debian box will be officially supported in an upcoming version of grml.


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