Umfrage: Identitiy and conformity


Dabei seit
Juni 2006
gute nabend,

ich bin in der 13. klasse und muss für meinen englischkurs eine umfrage zu diesem thema machen.

antwortet bitte in der weise:

1. b
2. a

vielen dank im vorraus. wenn ihr verbesserungsvorschläge z.b. bessere formulierungen habt, könnt ihr diese sehr gerne äußern.

1.) Do you feel individual in a group?

a) never
b) in my family yes
c) just among a friends group
d) anyway I feel special and individual
e) other reason

2.) Do you prefer to be a group leader or a member?

a) in every group I am the boss
b) it would be nice to be the leader but I don’t get the chance
c) for me it’s enough to be part of the group

3.) Does a group develop your individuality?

a) yes in a group I can find skills of? me I have never expected
b) partly, but normally the group helps me to develop
c) in a group my personal feelings are suppressed that’s why I can’t really develop myself

4.) Do you prefer to have one best friend or to be part of a clique?

a) when you have a real best friend you don’t need a superficial group
b) in a clique I have many best friends
c) I need both to survive

5.) What is the most important fact for you to join a group? (rank 1 to 4 // 1 is the best)

a) I feel more powerful
b) in the group I meet people with the same interests I have
c) caused by society pressure I have to join a group
d) I expirienced acknowledgement in a group

6.) What do you have experienced as your strongest feeling in a group?

a) power
b) fear
c) safety / well being
d) love / friendship
e) care
f) jealousy

7.) Do you think that a strong leader is important for a group?

a) every group has to have somebody to follow
b) it depends from group to group
c) not only one person should have the power, but a group needs s leadership
d) everybody has to be equal in a group

8.) What does your group identity depends on?

a) I just feel as a group member in a family or friends group
b) ethnicity
c) nation
d) nothing (I definitely not belong to any group)
e) other groups

9.) Do you think your self-concept depends heavily on how people around you react on you?

a) How can I develop my self-concept without any feedback form others?
b) My self-concept just depends on me.
c) My self-concept is just influenced by persons who are really important

10.) How much individuality is good and how much conformity?

a) Conformity is necessary for relations between people.
b) Both, because you need conformity and individuality to manage your life.
c) If you have a strong individual feeling you don’t need any conformity.
Wenn es nur um die englische Schreibweise geht, okay. Aber wenn das eine ernsthafte Befragung sein soll, dann würde ich auf Rating-Skalen umsteigen. So wirst Du eher erfassen, was die befragte Person gerne sein würde.
Und die Umfrage könnte hier im Forum auch auf Deutsch stattfinden, wenn es ihm um die Ergebnisse geht. Wir müssen die Englischprüfung ja nicht machen. ;)