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Empire Total War: Online Kampagne


Lt. Junior Grade
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Juni 2011
ich und paar Kumpels wollten uns ETW kaufen, da es ja nurnoch 10€ kostet. Wir wollten dann die Online-Kampagne spielen, jetzt hab ich aber gegoogelt und gelesen, dass die Online-Kampagne damals nur eine Beta-Version war und die Seite zum Download von Sega eingestellt worden ist. Ich dachte die ist ins Spiel integriert? Kann mir das jemand erklären?
Ja also: Die Online Kampagne war eine Beta Version. Man konnte sich an Sega wenden und hat einen Steam Key dafür bekommen. Jeder der so einen hat, kann das auch weiterspielen. Ein Freund ich ich wollten neulich auch so einen Key und haben uns an Sege gewendet.

Hier die Antwort:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting SEGA Support.
Thanks for expressing an interest in the Empire: Total War multiplayer beta.
Unfortunately, the Beta for the Empire: Total War Multiplayer Campaign is no longer available for new users. While the beta will still remain live for players having activated its content, we are no longer distributing new keys and there will be no other alternative way to activate this content.

The Beta access was offered to members of the Total War community since 2009 as a way to offer players the chance to experiment the features soon to be implemented in the following titles of Total War. SEGA and The Creative Assembly are greatly appreciative of the support and the feedback received during these years, which contributed extensively to the optimization of the system.

You can read a statement from The Creative Assembly in their official forums:


We also invite you to share your comments and experience on our forums as they are monitored constantly by the development team.

However please note that you can enjoy the great multiplayer campaign that Total War has to offer as Napoleon: Total War and Total War: Shogun 2 both feature multiplayer campaign gameplay right out of the box.

We hope this information is of use. Thank you again for your interest in the Total War products.

Kind regards,

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