Novus Æterno [4X MMORTS]



Vielleicht kennen es manche oder spielen es bereits in der "Early Access" Version ( noch nicht auf Steam ), die rede ist
vom 4X Spiel Novus Æterno - einem MMORTS.

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Start with a home planet that you can never lose. Expand your control outward across an unlimited universe of galaxies.
It’s a sandbox in space where you can build your empire– and influence over other players. Do it anyway you wish: through
diplomatic channels, intelligence, military might or economic power. Thousands and thousands of players at one time on
one seamless map.

The game never stops; even when you are offline. There is always a way to rebuild and recover, and there are always potential
new allies and foes ready to engage you on a truly galactic scale. The strategic choices you make today will affect your tactical
​efforts next week, next month, and even next year!
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Es wird anscheinend ein Free2Play Modell werden, wobei hier kein Pay2Win eingeführt werden "soll",
sondern lediglich für Komfort -und Design"items" bezahlt wird:

  • z.b. Offline KI von normal 8h auf 48h wo man Build Orders etc. erstellen kann.

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