Turtle Beach PX5 Wireless auch mit PC Kompatibel ?


Solid Snake

Das Headset hat mich 200 Euronen gekostet und nutze es für die PS3. Nun habe ich mir einen neuen PC angeschafft und wollte nicht extra ein neues kaufen. Habt ihr Erfahrungen gemacht mit dem Teil ? Oder wisst ihr was darüber ?
Ich habs selber Heraußgefunden... Kann es noch nicht genau testen da mein neuer PC noch nicht da ist.
Hier das steht auf der Herstellerseite:

This headset was designed primarily for use with PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles. However, the headset can also be used as a fully wireless headset for PC or Mac. While this is possible, we don't recommend doing it unless you understand all of the following:

Please note that the headset's microphone can only be used with your PC or Mac if your computer has a Bluetooth interface installed.

We recommend that you use the headset's Bluetooth for voice chat and talkback, while using the headset's main audio interface for sound playback (from the PC's optical digital audio output).

Many, but not all, PC laptops come with a Bluetooth Audio interface built in. The headset's Bluetooth adapter should pair up with that and give you an essentially wireless PC headset.

If your PC doesn't have a Bluetooth Audio interface, you can add one of the many Bluetooth USB adapters available for little money. You'll want to choose an adapter that is Bluetooth 2.1 compliant and has EDR (Enhanced Data Rate).

Make sure you have installed the customized driver for your specific Bluetooth interface. A generic Bluetooth driver may not get your Bluetooth interface working properly.