News: OxygenOS is here! [OnePlus One]


Jan. 2009
Was lange währt, wird endlich gut.

Seit gestern ist das auf Android 5.02 basierende Oxygen OS für das OnePlus One freigegeben und liegt zum Download bereit

Just over a year ago, a small group of people realized that the smartphone industry needed a new perspective. What started as an idea began to take shape when we officially announced the creation of OnePlus: a new way of thinking about consumer technology and the crucial role that a passionate community plays in starting a movement.
In our first year, we focused on hardware; many of our founding members are passionate product people who have spent decades in the industry. We combined that experience with the feedback we heard from users and together, we built the One. The incredible support from our community gave us faith that we were on the right track and changing things for the better.
Now, it’s time to take the next step. By creating our own operating system, we can quickly respond to user feedback and make it easier for you to continue playing a fundamental role in the future of OnePlus. Our goal for OxygenOS is to provide faster, more meaningful updates and a better-integrated range of services for every OnePlus user.
Developing OxygenOS has been an incredibly fun and challenging experience for all of us. In this environment where everyone is fighting to standout with custom ROMs, we think it’s important to go back to basics. We place things like performance and battery life over gimmicks and bloated features.
We want to be careful that we aren’t adding features simply for the sake of differentiation. We’ve implemented some important features thus far, but they are subtle and meaningful. That’s our philosophy behind OxygenOS: keep it light and essential.
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Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Ist nur ein billiger Abklatsch von CyanogenMod. Da gibt es wirklich bessere ROMs für das OPO.
Ist es NICHT! CM hat einiges an Tweaks und Modifikationen vorinstalliert welches Oxygen nicht hat - es wurde auch von vorne herein gesagt dass sich diese ROM an AOSP anleht und so fühlt es sich auf meinem OPO auch an. :freak:
Bis auf die FC der Uhr App hab ich bisher keine Probleme. Werde aber trotzdem auf CM12s flashen wenn es diese Woche noch kommt