News : Das Aus für die Omega-Treiber?

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Der Grafikkartengigant nVidia hat dem Entwickler der allseits beliebten Omega-Treiber dazu aufgefordert, mit sofortiger Wirkung die Entwicklung der modifizierten Treiber zu stoppen. Dies geht aus einem Post im Driverheaven-Forum hervor. Genauere Gründe sind zum jetzigen Zeitpunk noch nicht bekannt.

Alot has been going on behind the scenes recently guys with Nvidia regarding Omegas drivers and it looks like Omega might be forced to stop making them. This is due to Nvidia's hard handed tactics and not wanting anyone to alter or touch their driver code in any way. Omega has even had to remove Nvidia logos from his site or legal action will be taken. This could possibly if taken further close these sites, so we really have no option. Im sorry for the bad news, but unfortunately it looks like Nvidia Omega drivers will no longer be developed.

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