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Lt. Junior Grade
Dabei seit
Mai 2008
Hi @ all,

hab ein prob mit zombiemod. Hab mir den zombiemod 1.2.8 für sourcemod geholt.
Allerdings läuft da jetzt nur ein zombie rum wenn der tod is dann wird kurz wieder normal gespielt also t vs. ct bis der wieder da ist. Und wehren tut er sich auch nicht.

Also meine Frage: Wie kann ich mehr zombies einstellen...
Was muß ich machen damit sich das sch***** teil wehrt...?
Ja die gibts aber ich bin am ausflippen lies den dreck immer und immer wieder durch find aber nichts. Vieleicht sehen aber mehrer Augen mehr als meine die mom. nur noch mit streichhölzern offen gehalten werden. Also so sieht die CFG aus:

// ZombieMod Configuation file.
// Executed at server start and on every map load.
// www.ZombieMod.com
// To load your settings once you've finished, use the console command zombie_loadsettings

// File with list of models to use for zombie mod.
// If headless models are enabled, each model must have a _head and a _hs counterpart.
// ZombieMod will detect the heads automatically so both types of models may be used together.
zombie_model_file "cfg/zombiemod/models.cfg"

// File with list of materials. Clients download everything in this list when they connect.
zombie_download_file "cfg/zombiemod/downloads.cfg"

// How often zombies play zombie sounds. The lower the value, the more often they emit a sound.
zombie_sound_rand 50

// Health that zombies get. First zombie is this times two.
zombie_health 500

// The speed that zombies travel at.
zombie_speed 325

// Field of vision of the zombies. Normal human FOV is 90.
zombie_fov 125

// The knockback multiplier of zombies. Set to 0 to disable knockback.
zombie_knockback 12

// Space separated list of guns that are restricted during zombie mode. Takes effect immediately on change.
// Can be any combination of the following
// all - All weapons
// equip - Equipment
// pistol - All pistols
// shotgun - All shotguns.
// smg - All SMG's
// rifles - All rifles.
// sniper - All sniper rifles.
// Or each weapons short name. Ex: famas, awp, mac etc etc.
zombie_restrictions "awp"

// Makes maps very dark if enabled. If disabled, the map doesn't have to be reloaded to start zombiemode.
zombie_dark 0

// When enabled, ZombieMod will use the scoreboard to display which players are a zombie and which are humans.
// The CT team shows the humans and the T team shows the Zombies.
// On round_end everyone is randomly placed onto either team to allow for buying at the start of the next round.
// The teams are not changed again until the first Zombie is chosen and then everyone else is moved to the CT team.
zombie_teams 1

// If enabled, zombies who are killed respawn as a human after zombie_respawn_delay seconds.
zombie_respawn 0

// Time before players are respawned in autorespawn mode.
zombie_respawn_delay 1

// If enabled, ammo is set to 1000 clip.
zombie_unlimited_ammo 1

// If enabled, zombies can only voice with zombies and humans with humans.
zombie_talk 1

// When enabled, disables players from suiciding.
zombie_suicide 1

// When enabled, disables players from suiciding by switching teams.
zombie_changeteam_block 0

// Text for suiciding assholes.
zombie_suicide_text "Don´t be an asshole."

// If this is in your config.cfg ZombieMod attempts to auto load itself at first round_start.
zombie_startup 1

// Maximum amount of seconds after round_freeze_end for first random Zombification.
zombie_timer_max 0.4

// Minimum amount of seconds after round_freeze_end for first random Zombification.
zombie_timer_min 0.1

// Amount of extra frags awarded for killing a zombie.
// 1 kill is awarded regardless, but some people feel that when health is as high as it is, more kills should be awarded.
// So, if this is 0, 1 kill is awarded.
// If it is 1, 2 kills are awarded, and so on,
zombie_kill_bonus 1

// Amount of headshots before a zombie's head comes off. 0 means on death only.
zombie_headshot_count 2

// If enabled, zombies heads get blown off on headshot deaths.
zombie_headshots 1

// When 1, allows zombies to disable their own night vision.
zombie_allow_disable_nv 0

// When enabled, shows an icon in the top right corner of a players screen when someone gets turned into a zombie. (Thanks LDuke)
// It also logs a player_death event using zombie_claws_of_death as the weapon name.
// If you are a plugin developer, you should check for this weapon in FireEvent.
// The actual Event_Dying and Event_Killed events are not fired and the player is not dead.
zombie_notices 1

// When enabled, over-rides fog for all maps with a predefined Zombie-Fog.
zombie_fog 1

// When enabled, over-rides the sky for all maps so it corresponds with the fog.
zombie_fog_sky 1

// Primary fog colour.
zombie_fog_colour "176 192 202"

// Secondary fog colour.
zombie_fog_colour2 "206 216 222"

// How close to a players Point-Of-View fog is rendered.
zombie_fog_start 30

// How far from a players Point-Of-View that fog stops rendering.
zombie_fog_end 4000

// Enables fog blending between colours.
zombie_fog_blend 1

// Enables the cool smoke effect seen by all players when zombies are turned.
zombie_effect 1

// Enable screen shake on zombification.
zombie_shake 1

// Enables the JetPack for Zombies.
zombie_jetpack 0

// Enables the JetPack for Humans.
humans_jetpack 1

// Amount of seconds zombies are allowed to use the JetPack in one round.
zombie_jetpack_timer 12

// The material to use for the sky.
// This material should have four vmt files located in materials/skybox.
// Their naming scheme is as follows..
zombie_fog_sky_material "zombie_sky"

// The radius around a players location to check for other players on Zombification.
zombie_stuckcheck_radius 35

// Delay in seconds after a player joins a server to send the welcome message. 0 to disable.
zombie_welcome_delay 4

// The text to send to new players.
zombie_welcome_text "[ZOMBIE] This server is using the [CSSMC] ZombieMod Server Plugin. Type !zhelp in chat for help.\nGet it at www.ZombieMod.com"

// The url to direct people to when they enter !zhelp in chat.
zombie_help_url "http://www.zombiemod.com/zombie_help.php"

// When enabled, all players hear 'undead ambient sounds'.
zombie_undead_sound_enabled 1

// Can be used to higher or lower the volume of the sound played.
zombie_undead_sound_volume 0.7

// The sound to play to players, is precached and added to the client download list automatically.
zombie_undead_sound "ambient/zombiemod/zombie_ambient.mp3"

// A comma delimited string of maps with wich not to use zombie_undead_sound.
zombie_undead_sound_exclusions "de_aztec"

// When enabled, Zombies only take damage via headshots.
zombie_headshots_only 0

// When enabled, after zombie_balancer_player_ratio amount of players are zombies, each additional new zombies health is reduced by this percentage. 0 Disables.
zombie_balancer_health_ratio 6

// The ratio of players whom must be a zombie to start reducing new Zombies health. So when this percentage of the server is a zombie, new zombies health is reduced by the percentage of zombie_balancer_health_ratio.
zombie_balancer_player_ratio 6

// If this is 1, zombie_balancer_player_ratio is the ratio of players who must be zombies before health is decreased. Otherwise, zombie_balancer_player_ratio is the count of Zombies ex:6.
zombie_balancer_type 6

// This is the minimum health you want Zombies to ever end up with while using the balancer.
zombie_balancer_min_health 100