Battlefield 2 Patch 1.50 Open Beta Ende April?

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Seit vergangenen Dezember wussten wir bereits vom Patch 1.50 für den Taktik-Shooter Battlefield 2 zu berichten. Im Winter 08/09 sollte das Update nach einem Open-Beta-Test den Spielern zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Inzwischen ist es Frühling geworden und das Update lässt noch auf sich warten – laut Entwickler DICE aber nicht mehr lange.

Im britischen Forum vom Publisher Electronic Arts hat vor kurzem ein DICE-Mitarbeiter mit dem Nick-Namen Bazajaytee einen Thread gestartet, um zum Status des Patch 1.50 Stellung zu beziehen. Demnach sei nun idealerweise gegen Ende April 2009 mit der Open Beta zum Patch 1.50 zu rechnen. Neben der bekannten Map Highway Tampa wird das Update auch den neuen Titel Operation Blue Pearl beinhalten. Dank einer Änderung im Digital Rights Management wird man Battlefield 2 nach dem Update ohne eingelegten Datenträger spielen können. Mit dem aktuellen, nachfolgend zitierten Changelog bestätigt Bazajaytee viele der bereits bekannten Änderungen.

  • Additional support for Windows Vista
  • Added Highway Tampa as a required map
  • Added a new map called Operation Blue Pearl
  • Changes made to both the J10 and F35B to make them more balanced. Please note that the J10 is a superior dogfighter to the F35B and as such these two aircraft will never be equally matched
  • AA targeting tweaked to make it more effective
  • Added checks to prevent "runway grieving"
  • Various changes made to prevent cheating
  • Tweaked the hit detection, hits will be more accurate to the model
Changelog Update v1.50

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  • Heavymaxx 13.04.2009 19:08
    Hoffentlich unterstützt der Patch jetzt entlich mal den widescreenmodus (1650x1050) !!! "Toxi1965, post: 5892179
    Widescreen-Support ist noch nicht ganz fix.
    In der Beta wird man diesen noch nicht vorfinden. Es ist aber angedacht, ihn eventuell (!) als Feature in der Vollversion nachzureichen.. (auch für BF2142 angedacht)
  • Anonymous 13.04.2009 21:02
    Aus dem EA UK Forum, danke an nsvr

    Firstly, sorry I have been away for so long, its been a busy time. So here as per request in a number of threads here is an update to where we are with 1.50.

    * Yes its still coming
    * We have been working on a few things to do with DRM as old versions of Battlefield 2 use an old version of SafeDisc
    * We have had a number of last minute hacks appear which we have made fixes for to help stabalise the servers.
    * We have a minor issue to solve with the Chinese version of the game.

    While I can't give an exact date, we are aiming to release our first Beta towards the end of April '09 as long as everything else goes well. "Bazajaytee"
    Originally Posted by FrankCastleITA
    Open or Closed Beta?

    What about the new map? Is it finished or what?
    Open Beta

    The new map is ready for beta and to get feedback from everyone. So its finished if you guys like it. "Bazajaytee"
    DRM has always been on Battlefield.
    SafeDisc, SecuROM and PACE depending on which version of each game you have.
    DRM doesnt have to be as punishing as it was with Spore. Battlefield doesnt do limited installs. It does protect the exe files though.
    What we are looking at doing for Battlefield is removing the requirement for the DVD to be in the drive during boot up. Whether we can get this going is what we are checking. It won't limit your installs on other machines or limit how many times you can install though. "Bazajaytee"
    There has already been a changelog released. Here it is again though:
    Update v1.50
    - Additional support for Windows Vista.
    - Added Highway Tampa as a required map.
    - Added a new map called Operation Blue Pearl.
    - Changes made to both the J10 and F35B to make them more balanced. Please note that the J10 is a superior dogfighter to the F35B and as such these two aircraft will never be equally matched.
    - AA targeting tweaked to make it more effective.
    - Added checks to prevent "runway grieving".
    - Various changes made to prevent cheating.
    - Tweaked the hit detection, hits will be more accurate to the model.
    There is no information on which hacks we have dealt with or how but there are quite a few. There is also another item missing from the list for legal reasons and will be a case of knowing it when the update comes out for Beta. "Bazajaytee"
    Originally Posted by PlayazOnly
    Very nice!!I hope you fixed these Crash to Desktop hacks and made the commander assets serverside controlled to prevent it being hacked after few months.
    Yep we have "Bazajaytee"
    Originally Posted by jonneymendoza
    what about native widescreen resolution support?
    It won't be there for the Beta but its not ruled out for being added in time for final release. "Bazajaytee"
    Originally Posted by RanCorX2
    thats all very good getting no dvd for bf2, what about 2142?
    Its something I want to do for BF2142 as well and will be pushing for it so fingers crossed everyone "Bazajaytee"
    Originally Posted by Nakamp
    It would be great if you could somehow disable mouse acceleration.. hope I didn't say that too late.
    Same as Widescreen support, its not there in Beta but its something I want to have sorted for Final release.
    The Beta coming out is to get your feedback on whats been fixed and especially the new map. While the Beta is going on we will still be changing and fixing things. "Bazajaytee"
    Originally Posted by EastCoastSnipa8U
    Are Macros also defined as cheating? Will they be included in this update as something players cannot use? And, will widescreen support be added to this game?
    The only Macro banning being carried out will be that done by Punkbuster. We aren't going to be making any changes to prevent it in game.

    Regarding server info bug, while this bug is annoying its low on the list of things we'll fix as there is limited resource on Battlefield 2 and 2142 so we fix what we can in the time we have.

    I keep seeing parachute hack, can someone expand on it or link me to a video?

    Our plane balancing should bring all the planes into a more even playing field. Play the beta and let us know if it doesn't.

    The AA fix has been to improve its tracking on planes and adjust what its actually tracking on the plane making even laggy players in planes more accurate. Whether the missile goes crazy after hitting a tree we don't think it does and it hasnt in testing but give it a try and let us know.

    Black Hawk won't be changed for better or worse depending on who you ask. "Bazajaytee"