an alle die mit ihrem EliteGroup ECS-K7S5A übertakten wollen!



haut euch das 010911 bios druff !
ihr koennt dann im menue den fsb verstellen..!
ausserdem wird der athlon xp dann korrekt erkannt ( zb. als 1800+)

download hier:

und so flasht ihr:

6. How do I flash the BIOS?

Every time the BIOS is flashed there's the risk of something going wrong, and you could end up with a corrupt BIOS. My advice is, that unless you're experiencing some kind of problem, leave the BIOS alone. If you have to upgrade your BIOS, carefully follow the steps below:

You will need two files to upgrade your BIOS. You'll need the amiflash utility, and the .rom file of the new BIOS you want to update to. Download amiflash .( )

Please note that the BIOS distributions are supplied as either .zip or .exe files. You can use WinZip to extract the .rom file from the .zip package. In case it's an .exe, just run the executable and it will automatically extract the .rom file.

Copy the flash utility and the .rom to your HARD DRIVE or a CDROM.

To use amiflash, you will need to be in DOS and no memory management and/or drivers should be loaded. If you're using DOS, Windows 9x or Windows ME, do a clean boot. If you're using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you'll have to make a boot disk.

Restart the computer, and do a clean boot or use a boot disk.

Go to the directory where you placed the two files.

Type "aminfxxx xxxxxx.rom" substituting with the BIOS file you wish to flash. Ex: to flash BIOS ver. 010827 using amiflash 3.26, you would type something like "aminf326 010827.rom". The particular files names may vary for different BIOS or amiflash versions.

Press enter to start flashing. If you get an error at this point, read here.

Press "DEL" to enter BIOS setup, set you configuration and save it. Reboot.