Erste Screenshots von Doom III

Thomas Hübner
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Auf der Mac World in Japan, zeigte John Carmack erste Bilder vom indirekten Quake 3 Arena Nachfolger mit dem Namen Doom III. Die Bilder stammen von der Game-Engine des Spiels und wurden mit einer GeForce 3 basierenden Grafikkarte vorgeführt und zeigen einige Monster die in dem Spiel vorkommen werden.

We've been doing hacks and tricks for years, but now we'll be able to do things we've been wanting to do for a long time," Carmack said. "For instance, every light has its own highlight and every surface casts a shadow, like in the real world. Everything can behave the same now and we can apply effects for every pixel."

During the eye-popping demo, what was shown was in actual game code and being done in real-time, he added. "We're very excited about the quality we're getting," Carmack added. "This is a wonderful time to be in graphics and the GeForce 3 is the most exciting thing we've had to work with in years."