Tolle English Sprüche!!!

@Hellhunter: Very good joke but I don't check it up :)
Have You a WaterKlosett, or shit You in the Eimer??
Sleep you very well in your klapprig bettgestell.

I warn you, i kenn you von früher,
i smit you down the kellertrepp that you never can see the tageslicht again
Noch einer

If you go me auf die nerven i put you in the Gulli and you never come back to the Tageslich!
That is ein tolles McDonald´s English
cool down people... or should i holen my :utminigun: and ballern
euch all in your heads ... till i am sehen only matsch...
I speak English very well,
but don't leider nich so schnell.
We were vorher hier
And so, friends, we are alle heavy on the wire.